What Is Boku?

Boku pay by mobile is a payment method that was founded in 2003. Rather than working via a bank account, credit card or e-wallet, it offers the convenience and security of allowing you to make deposits through a mobile device like a smartphone. It is particularly popular with users who might be wary of sharing too much of their personal information, since all that’s needed to make a Boku deposit to a casino is a phone number. This offers a number of advantages, including speed, convenience, an extra layer of security and complete privacy. The only information you’ll ever have to share when playing at a Boku casino is your phone number, something which many users find highly appealing.

UK Casinos with Boku Payment

At the time of writing, Boku is accepted as a payment method by 30 sites in the UK, opening up a wide range of gaming options to players who wish to make use of the convenience and simplicity it offers. Sites that accept Boku include Jackpot Strike, Spin Princess, Spins Royale and Slots Devil. The range of bonuses available when you make a casino Boku payment are the same as those open to every other payment method, although the fact that the maximum you can deposit using Boku is £30 might affect this.

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How to Make Deposits Using Boku?

One of the main attractions of Boku is how quick and easy it is for you to make a casino Boku payment. Once you’ve made your way to the payment options page of the casino you’ve chosen, as long as it is a casino with Boku payments, you simply have to select Boku as your chosen method.

In most cases, the payment options page will present you with three choices. These are credit or debit card, e-wallet and ‘Pay by Mobile’. To play at a Boku casino, you simply have to choose the ‘Pay by Mobile’ option. This will then redirect you to the Boku payment panel. If you’ve never used Boku before, you’ll need your mobile number to authenticate your account. You’ll be sent a text message with a pin number in it, telling you that all future payments through Boku will be billed to your phone.

Next, you have to enter the amount you want to deposit, together with your phone number. Once this has been done, you’ll get a text asking you to confirm that this is your number and that the amount you’ve entered is correct. Making that confirmation is as simple as typing ‘Y’ and pressing send, and then the amount you’ve chosen to deposit will become available in your Boku casino account. If you pay for your phone on a monthly basis, it will be added to your bill. If you have a pay as you go account, the amount will be taken from your pay as you go credit. Either way, you’re now free to start playing Boku slots, Boku casino or anything else that catches your eye, as well as taking advantage of bonuses linked to your casino Boku payment.

How to Withdraw Funds from a Boku Casino?

The main disadvantage of casino Boku payment is that you can’t actually withdraw any winnings you might get using Boku. Obviously, you’ll be hoping that you end up with winnings to enjoy, so when opting for Boku as your payment method, this limitation has to be considered. The solution to the problem is to have another option in place such as PayPal, Skrill or a bank account that you can safely withdraw your Boku casino winnings to.

How Safe and Secure Is a Casino Boku Payment?

All online casinos work extremely hard to ensure that your money is safe with them, and the same goes for any financial details you share and personal information such as your name and email address. One of the biggest advantages of choosing to pay by mobile using Boku is that it gives you another layer of security on top of everything the casino you’re using already offers. It’s impossible to make a deposit, for example, without replying to the authentication text message that Boku will send to your phone. If you confirm the deposit, then the money will be transferred securely. If you don’t—if someone else is trying to make use of your phone number, for example—then the payment won’t go through and your phone bill won’t be accepted.

The other aspect that makes Boku particularly appealing to anyone with security concerns is the lack of information you have to give. As long as you can provide an authenticated mobile number, the platform won’t need any more details, the perfect solution if you value your privacy as well as your gambling fun.

Finally, the money you deposit in your Boku casino will be marked on your mobile phone bill as a normal phone service charge, without specifying where it was spent—a degree of discretion that many people find valuable.

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What Kind of Customer Support Does Boku Offer?

The first stop if you’re having any problems with your Boku pay by mobile account is the support page of their website. If you can’t find the answer to your question there, you can send an email request via the Boku Customer Care Portal, and a member of the support team will be back in touch shortly to deal with the issue.

How Quickly Will My Casino Boku Payment Transfer?

We all know that one of the most frustrating aspects of some payment platforms is the time lag between making a deposit and being able to play. With Boku, that simply isn’t an issue. As soon as you confirm the amount you want to transfer, it will land in your casino account, meaning all that you have to do is log on and start playing.

Boku Payment

  • Deposit Time:

    up to 3 days

  • Withdrawal Time:

    up to 3 days

  • Accepted Casinos:
    mansion casino bet-at-home royalpanda

Other Payments Skrill Neteller Bitcoin Paysafe Card Pay by Phone PayPal
Deposit Time

up to 20 minutes

up to 6 hours

up to 3 hours

up to 7 days

up to 7 days

up to 30 minutes

Withdrawal Time

up to 5 days

up to 24 hours

up to 12 hours

up to 11 days

up to 7 days

up to 72 hours

more more more more more more

The Pros and Cons of Boku Casino Deposits

The Pros

Convenience – The biggest advantage of using Boku to pay by mobile is that it cuts out the need to use credit or debit cards, or to have to take the time to set up an e-wallet. As long as you’ve got a mobile phone (and let’s face it, who hasn’t), you can load money into the casino account of your choice from any place and at any time.

Privacy – In the age of high-speed broadband connections and social media use, the idea of personal privacy can sometimes take a bit of a backseat. For many other casino deposit methods, you’ll be expected to provide your full name, your credit or debit card details and perhaps even your billing address. Although online casinos employ state of the art security measures to keep this information safe, you might still prefer to keep the details you share down to an absolute minimum. Boku is guaranteed to never ask for any personal information and the only detail you’ll ever need to share is your mobile phone number.

Speed – Many platforms make the claim to provide instant deposits, but when you make a casino Boku payment you can see for yourself that this is one claim that’s 100% correct. As soon as you confirm the payment, the money hits your account in your chosen casino.

Flexible – Although you’ll always have to have your phone with you to confirm a deposit, you can actually make a payment using any device. If you’re playing Boku slots on your tablet, for example, you can simply log on to the casino payment page, make your casino Boku payment, confirm it on your phone and then get back to your tablet for some more Boku slots action.

Secure – Confirming each transaction on your mobile casino offers another layer of security and reassurance. Nobody but you will be able to say yes to that Boku text.

Round-the-clock support – The fact that Boku has dedicated support teams working around the clock in Asia, Europe and the USA means that you’ll always be able to find the help you need, no matter where in the world you are and what time of day or night it is.

Multiple currencies – There may be occasions when the casino you want to play at doesn’t support the currency that you pay use to pay for your phone. This isn’t a major stumbling block with Boku, as the online casino in question will convert to their preferred currency using a fair exchange rate. Most sites don’t charge for this service, but a few charge a small fee, so it’s always best to check the details in the site’s Terms and Conditions before deciding whether to play.


Small deposits – The maximum amount that can currently be deposited through Boku in any 24-hour period is £30, with the minimum being £10. If you want to place any bigger bets, you’ll have to find an alternative payment method.

No withdrawals – The fact that you can’t withdraw money using Boku means that you’ll have to have an alternative standing by just in case you’re lucky enough to rack up some winnings.

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