What Is PayPal?

PayPal is one of the largest online payment systems in the world. Like other systems such as Skrill and Neteller, it takes the form of an e-wallet that transfers money from a designated bank account or payment card on to the vendor. The main advantage of systems such as these is security, because it means that payment details such as bank account and card numbers are never passed on to third parties.

This is the reason why so many people like to use PayPal to make deposits into online casinos. This article will look at some of the UK casinos that accept PayPal and explain how to make an online casino UK PayPal deposit, what the pros and cons of the system are and whether a PayPal casino is the best choice for you.

One of the main plus points of a PayPal casino is the fact that PayPal was purchased by the online marketplace eBay in 2002. This means that millions of users across the UK will already have a PayPal account set up for shopping purchases, since the size and power of eBay meant that many other vendors felt that they had better follow suit and offer PayPal as a payment option. The ease and convenience that users have become used to when using PayPal to make online purchases can also be enjoyed when they opt to play at one of the many online casinos that accept PayPal.

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UK Online Casinos That Accept PayPal

There are currently 60 casinos in the UK that accept PayPal as a method for depositing funds to play with. This relatively large number means that it’s easy to find the kind of PayPal casino you’re looking for no matter what form your gambling interests take. Names such as BetFred, 888, 32 Red and Bingo Besties mean that you can use PayPal to deposit funds whether you want to play the slots, have a fun game of bingo or take on the best in live poker tournaments.

How to Make Deposits Using PayPal?

There’s a very good chance that you might be one of the 267 million people who currently have a PayPal account worldwide. If this is the case, then you can simply use your existing PayPal account to make deposits into a PayPal casino, funding it from the option of your choice as you do when making purchases online.

If you don’t have an account, however, and want to play at one of the online casinos that accept PayPal, then the first thing you’ll have to do is create your account. To do this, you’ll have to visit the PayPal website and click on ‘Sign up’. You’ll be asked if you want to set up a business or personal account, and in this case, you should choose ‘Personal’. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be asked a few basic questions such as your name and surname and the email address you’ll be using for your account. You’ll also be asked to come up with a password. It’s vital that you try to create the strongest password possible, as you don’t want anyone else to be able to access the details of your PayPal account.

Having done this, you’ll be asked to enter your address and a phone number. Once you’ve ticked that you agree to PayPal’s policy, then you simply click one more time and your account will be created.

PayPal Casino Account Funding

The process hasn’t finished completely once your account is up and running, however. First, you’ll have to decide which credit or debit card you wish to link to your PayPal account. The funds that you use via PayPal will be taken from that credit or debit card or your bank account. Once you’ve entered the details of the card, it will be linked to your account. You can enter more than one card if you wish, and then choose which card to use for specific purposes. You might have a credit card linked to PayPal for shopping on eBay and elsewhere, for example, and a separate debit card that you only use to fund the PayPal casino you’re using.

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When you go through this process, the email address you choose will receive an email from PayPal, asking you to confirm that it is, in fact, the correct email. Until you click on the ‘Confirm My Email’ link, you won’t be able to use PayPal.

If you’re going to visit casinos that accept PayPal, then you’re probably hoping that at least some of the time you beat the house and end up building a pot of winnings. If you do manage to do this, you could opt to withdraw the funds to your PayPal account and then use them for further online purchases or to deposit in another PayPal casino. Alternatively, you might want to get your hands on the cash itself, or add it to your savings, in which case you’ll have to link a bank account to your PayPal account.

To link a bank account to PayPal, you need to visit the Wallet page of your account and click on ‘Add bank account’. You’ll be asked what type of account it is, and to provide the sort code and account number. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be asked to confirm that the account is the one you wish to use. In order to do this, PayPal will deposit an amount of 1p in your account in the next few minutes. This deposit method will have a 4-digit code attached to it. When you have this code, click on ‘Unconfirmed’ next to the bank account in your wallet, enter the code and click on ‘Confirm’.

Your PayPal account is now up and running, and you can choose the PayPal casino that takes your fancy. When you arrive at your PayPal casino, simply visit the payment options page and select PayPal as your preferred method of payment. You’ll be asked to enter the amount that you want to transfer to the PayPal casino and, when you’ve done this, you need to confirm your PayPal details. That means entering the email address and password. Once you’ve done this, your deposit will be transferred instantly and you’ll be ready to start playing.

When you make a deposit at a PayPal casino using PayPal, you’ll be entitled to the standard welcome and signing on bonuses. It should be noted that these bonuses are usually subject to certain conditions covering the minimum deposit, maximum withdrawal and wagering requirements. There’s always a chance, however, that certain PayPal casinos are offering deposit free bonuses, or attractive deals that run for just a few days, so it’s always worth looking around and studying the offers before you decide where you want to play.

How to Withdraw Funds from a PayPal Casino?

If you’re lucky enough to make a profit when you’re enjoying yourself at a PayPal casino, then you may simply opt to allow the funds to sit in your account to be used the next time you play. Alternatively, you might want to take the money out. If you opt for the latter, then the good news is that making an online casino PayPal withdrawal to Android or other devices is as simple as making a deposit in the first place. Once you’ve logged on to your account, simply go to the withdrawal page of the PayPal casino you’ve been playing at and select PayPal as your withdrawal method. Different PayPal casinos will have their own individual policies when it comes to setting how much you can withdraw at any one time, so it’s best to check before making your withdrawal.

Once you’ve selected PayPal, you’ll be sent to the PayPal withdrawal page, where you’ll have to enter your account details and the amount you wish to withdraw. Click on ‘Approve’ and the money will soon be transferred to your PayPal e-wallet.

Paysafecard Payment

  • Deposit Time:

    up to 7 days

  • Withdrawal Time:

    up to 11 days

  • Accepted Casinos:
    mansion casino bet-at-home royalpanda

Other Payments Skrill Neteller Paysafe Boku Pay by Phone Bitcoin
Deposit Time

up to 20 minutes

up to 6 hours

up to 7 days

up to 3 days

up to 7 days

up to 3 hours

Withdrawal Time

up to 5 days

up to 24 hours

up to 11 days

up to 3 days

up to 7 days

up to 12 hours

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How Safe and Secure Is a PayPal Casino Payment?

The fact that PayPal is recognised by many people as being the leading e-wallet and payment platform in the world is due, in no small part, to the extremely high standards of security the site offers. The first factor that makes users feel safe when dealing with PayPal is that it removes the need to send sensitive personal information such as credit or debit card numbers or bank account details. This is particularly useful if you want to enjoy yourself on an online PayPal casino in a discrete and private manner.

Secondly, PayPal uses SSL encryption to make sure that the site itself is safe, and actually offers rewards to any hackers or computer security experts who manage to spot any faults in their security systems. For added security, PayPal stores user information on servers, which aren’t Internet connected, making it far less vulnerable to being hacked or stolen. Round-the-clock monitoring is the final piece in a security jigsaw that means that your PayPal casino payments are as safe as possible.

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How Quickly Will My PayPal Casino Payment Transfer?

One thing that frustrates people visiting an online casino more than anything else is having to wait a long time for their funds to transfer. After all, we all lead busy lives and so if we find a few minutes out of the day to have some fun playing the slots or trying out a new roulette system, we want to be able to get on with things as soon as possible.

Luckily, a deposit to a PayPal casino will land in your account there in literally a few seconds, leaving you free to concentrate on having fun and, hopefully, racking up some winnings. Withdrawing the winnings from your account may take a few business days to complete, however, since it is very much dependent on the policies and practices of the PayPal casino in question.

What Customer Support Does a PayPal Casino Offer?

The ‘Help’ page on the PayPal website has a wide-ranging selection of frequently asked questions. If you don’t find the solution to any issues you’re having there, however, you can send an email to the support team around the clock and it will be dealt with as quickly as possible. For many issues, the option of live chat is also available and, if you wish to speak to a support team member directly, rest assured the PayPal phone lines are open 8:00 am to 8:30 pm Monday to Saturday and 9:00 am to 8:30 pm on Sunday.

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The Pros and Cons of PayPal Casino Deposits


Free – You won’t have to pay anything when you set up your PayPal account, and the vast majority of transactions are carried out free of charge.

Secure – A PayPal casino offers one of the safest and most secure means of transferring money to and from your bank or payment card and an online casino. All of the data is fully encrypted through every stage of the journey, your personal information is never revealed to a third party and your payments remain completely anonymous.

Speed – Although you may have to wait a few days before you can get hold of funds you withdraw using PayPal, deposits land instantly, meaning that as soon as the mood to visit a PayPal casino hits you, you can make a deposit and do something about it.

Mobile flexibility – You can make deposits to your PayPal casino when you’re on the move using the PayPal mobile app. Because the app is protected by a PIN, you don’t have to worry about anyone else accessing your account if your phone is lost or stolen.


Choice – The popularity of PayPal is such that you’d be forgiven for thinking that it must be available at all UK casinos. The fact of the matter, however, is that a PayPal casino is one which has been approved by PayPal itself on the grounds that it is trustworthy and reputable. Whilst this might limit your choice a little, it does mean you know your PayPal casino will be playing fair.

Setting up – The set up process for PayPal—particularly if you want to link a bank account to withdraw your PayPal casino winnings to—is slightly longer than for some other deposit methods.

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