What Is Paysafecard?

Paysafecard was launched in Austria in 2000 as a prepayment method. Since then, it has gone on to be used in more than 43 countries all over the world. It can be used to make virtually any kind of online payment and, as such, is the ideal solution for making deposits at online casinos. This Paysafecard review will answer questions like ‘How do I get a Paysafecard?’ as well as detailing some of the casinos that accept Paysafecard.

A large part of the appeal of Paysafecard lies in the fact that it doesn’t involve giving credit or debit card details to a third party. Instead, users can make online casino Paysafecard deposits by purchasing vouchers, which are provided in the form of 16-digit pin numbers.

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UK Casinos That Accept Paysafecard

If you’re looking for variety when it comes to online gambling, then Paysafecard could just be the deposit method that’s perfect for you. Currently 158 UK online sites accept a Paysafecard casino deposit, including names such as 888, Netbet, Royal Panda and Mansion. This makes a Paysafecard casino deposit the ideal option whether you want to play the slots, spend some time at a roulette table or enjoy some real time poker action. As is the case with other deposit methods, any casinos that accept Paysafecard will do so with the full range of welcome bonuses, subject to standard conditions such as wagering requirements, minimum deposits and maximum withdrawals.

How to Make Paysafecard Casino Deposits?

Making an online casino Paysafecard deposit is a fairly quick and simple process. The first stage involves registering with the Paysafecard service itself. You can do this free of charge through the Paysafecard website. You’ll need to provide basic information such as your name, surname, date of birth and address to create an account that allows you to purchase vouchers and use them to make a Paysafecard casino deposit.

There are two ways to purchase Paysafecard vouchers. The first of these is over the Internet but, if you’d prefer, you can make a physical purchase by visiting one of the many vendors who sell vouchers. To find your nearest vendor, simply enter your postcode at the ‘Find Sales Outlets’ page of the Paysafecard website and you’ll be given a choice of places such as newsagents, small shops, garages and supermarkets. When you purchase your pin number, you can choose between £10, £25, £50, £75 and £100 at all outlets, with larger PayPoint vendors also offering vouchers worth £125, £150 and £175. You can buy as many Paysafecard vouchers at one time as you like, making it possible to build a substantial pot to make your Paysafecard casino deposit.

Once you’ve bought a voucher, it remains valid for 12 months. If you don’t use your voucher in that time, a fee of £3 will be deducted from the amount from the 13th month onward. Another option that helps to simplify and keep track of multiple Paysafecard vouchers is to use them to top up a Skrill or Neteller e-wallet.

Using your vouchers to make a Paysafecard casino deposit couldn’t be simpler.Just log onto the online casino of your choice, create an account if you haven’t done so already and then visit the deposit page. Paysafecard will be listed amongst the payment methods, so you simply choose it and enter your 16-digit pin when asked to do so.

In the UK, Paysafecard customers also have the option of using a Paysafecard Mastercard, which operates like a normal debit card. The only difference is that you upload funds to the card using your Paysafecard vouchers rather than having to transfer them from a bank account or pay in cash. This makes it a method that combines convenience with security.

How to Withdraw Funds from a Paysafecard Casino?

Many gamblers opt for Paysafecard because of the convenience and anonymity it offers when it comes to making deposits at the online casino of their choice. As with many pre-paid options, Paysafecard doesn’t always offer the choice of withdrawing funds using the same method. This varies from casino to casino, with some making it possible to withdraw any winnings you might be lucky enough to amass onto your Paysafecard MasterCard. Once you’ve done that, you can use your winnings to make future deposits or to fund other online purchases. In fact, you can even use your Paysafecard Mastercard to withdraw your winnings as cash from an ATM.

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How Safe and Secure is a Casino Paysafecard Payment?

The safety and security of Paysafecard is the factor that makes it appealing to so many millions of users across the world. The fact that you can purchase vouchers in cash from real world outlets removes the need to use data sensitive methods such as debit or credit cards entirely. Even if you do purchase your vouchers online using a credit or debit card, none of the details will be passed on to the casino you visit. If you purchase through an online retailer then you’ll have to give more details, such as an email address, and you’ll have to be comfortable with the fact that a third party will require the payment details you use to purchase the voucher. For these reasons, many users prefer the convenience and anonymity of buying in person from a local retailer.

If you ever become concerned that someone else may have access to your Paysafecard voucher codes, then the good news is that you can visit the Paysafecard website and lock the number in question immediately. That way, you’ll know that nobody else is making a Paysafecard casino deposit using your funds, and you’ll be entitled to a refund of any balance left on the voucher.

How Quickly Will My Casino Paysafecard Payment Transfer?

We all know that there’s nothing worse than wanting to enjoy yourself at an online casino only to be made to wait while the funds you’ve deposited are transferred. The good news is that Paysafecard deposits will appear in your account at the casino you’ve chosen pretty much instantly, leaving you free to get on with playing the slots, tables and live games of your choosing.

What Kind of Customer Support Does Paysafecard Offer?

The Paysafecard website has a comprehensive FAQ section dealing with issues such as how to use the vouchers and what to do if you suspect someone may be trying to use your vouchers fraudulently. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for on these pages, you can contact the Paysafecard Support Team using an online form, via email or by calling a hotline, which is open from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm on weekdays and from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm at the weekends.

Paysafecard Payment

  • Deposit Time:

    up to 7 days

  • Withdrawal Time:

    up to 11 days

  • Accepted Casinos:
    bwin mansion casino bet-at-home bwin

Other Payments Skrill Neteller Bitcoin Boku Pay by Phone PayPal
Deposit Time

up to 20 minutes

up to 6 hours

up to 3 hours

up to 3 days

up to 7 days

up to 30 minutes

Withdrawal Time

up to 5 days

up to 24 hours

up to 12 hours

up to 3 days

up to 7 days

up to 72 hours

more more more more more more

The Pros and Cons of Paysafecard Casino Deposits


Control - The prepaid nature of Paysafecard casino deposits makes it easy to control and keep track of the amount you’re playing with at any particular online casino.

Convenience – You can download the Paysafecard app to your smartphone or tablet and enjoy all the advantages of Paysafecard wherever you happen to be. Other plus points include the fact that you can top up your account by simply scanning the QR code on your voucher and keep track of your transactions and the balance of your Paysafecard account at all times. Security conscious users will be happy to know that you can set access to the app to be controlled via fingerprint, username and password or two step verification.

Transfers –Having purchased funds using Paysafecard vouchers, you can them transfer them to e-wallets such as Skrill or Neteller, which means you can play at even more online casinos.


Purchase –If you’re running out of funds in your online casino account and want to top it up using Paysafecard, then you’ll have to purchase a voucher first. In most cases, this will involve making a trip to the nearest retailer. Whether you think this delay—and a trip to the shop—is worth the advantages offered by Paysafecard is up to you.

Amounts –You can only purchase Paysafecard vouchers in the fixed amounts detailed above. If you want to build a large pot at a particular casino or would like to deposit highly specific amounts not covered by the vouchers, this might push you in the direction of an e-wallet instead. Another thing to bear in mind is that, if you’re combining several vouchers to build a larger pot, you’ll have to enter the 16-digit code of each individual voucher separately. Most users feel this is a small price to pay for security and anonymity, but if you’re the impatient type, you might want to go for another option.

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