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It’s pretty safe to say that you know when you’re playing at a NetEnt casino. That’s because NetEnt games are amongst the most popular on the web, ranging from slots to table games and a highly immersive live casino experience. This article will list some of the leading NetEnt casino sites and the kind of NetEnt games they are likely to feature. It will also detail the kind of software used by NetEnt, the steps which they take to protect players and any other information you’ll need when you find yourself with the chance of clicking to play at a NetEnt casino.

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A Brief History of NetEnt

NetEnt, as it exists today, was founded in 1996, which makes it one of the older institutions in the fast-moving world of online gaming and casinos. When you play at a NetEnt casino, however, you are enjoying games created by people with even deeper interest and experience in the wider world of casinos.

That interest dates back to the 1970s when the company that drives NetEnt casinos was known as Cherry and operated real world casinos in Sweden. A change in legislation led to a change in focus for the firm, and this revolved around supplying slot machines to countries in Eastern Europe. By 1992, however, the focus of the company was changing to help bring about the kind of NetEnt casinos enjoyed by millions of players today.

Although the World Wide Web was pretty much in its infancy during this period the company, now known as Net Entertainment, pulled in significant investments, although at this stage it had just one office in Stockholm, 3 employees, 2 servers, 1 customer and 1 yearly transaction. It took NetEnt casino 7 years to start making a profit, and by 2006, they had opened an office in Malta and gained a licence granted by the Maltese Gaming Authority. This was a mark of the global ambition of NetEnt, as Malta was one of the first countries to impose strict regulations on gaming websites and give operators and players the reassurance of being treated fairly.

Continued growth saw NetEnt casino open offices in Gothenburg, Gibraltar, Kiev, New Jersey and Krakow. In 2007, it was successful enough to be listed on the Swedish stock exchange, the Stockholm Nasdaq. By the year 2017, NetEnt had grown to the extent that it now had 3500 servers, employed more than 900 people and had developed over 200 games. More than 175 customers now operate, at least in part, as a NetEnt casino, offering a selection of the most popular NetEnt games or, in some cases, all of the available games.

NetEnt Casino Mobile

The pioneering role that NetEnt casino played in developing the first and most enduring wave of online casino games was mirrored in the move into mobile gaming, which led to the launch of NetEnt Touch in 2011. By the end of 2016, 40% of the revenue pulled in by NetEnt casinos was being driven by mobile gaming.

The Unique Offer of NetEnt

One of the factors, which make NetEnt casinos unique, is the fact that they do not run their own casino or have an interest in other casinos. This means that they can concentrate purely on game development and enter into partnerships with other media concerns such as South Park in order to develop the South Park video slot machine.

Some of the Top NetEnt Casino Games

The range of NetEnt games available to every NetEnt casino is huge and encompasses everything from classic slots to the latest video slots. The sheer number of games produced by NetEnt is such that it is able to concentrate on a dynamic combination of dazzling interactive graphics, intriguing and challenging gameplay and themes that run the gamut from major celebrities to genres such as horror, crime and action and adventure.

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Retro Games

NetEnt is happy to offer a selection of games that hark back nostalgically to the past. These can be divided into two different types. There are the traditional slots, which work like the kind of old-fashioned slots you might still sometimes see in amusement arcades, based on fruit, bells and the Bar symbol. The other retro games are those that are based on a theme from yesteryear. This could be an 80s neon feel, a 60s and 70s surfing vibe or a steampunk Victoriana feel. In each case, the theme runs through every aspect of the game, from the full-colour graphics to the gameplay and even a specially chosen soundtrack. It is this attention to detail that makes NetEnt casino games as much about entertainment as they are about gambling.

Classic Games

The fact that NetEnt casino was a pioneer in the world of online gaming means that they have been responsible for the creation of some of the classics of the genre. These are games that were favourites almost as soon as they were released and have remained favourites ever since. Amongst the NetEnt casino classics, which millions of people are still having fun playing today, are titles such as Dead or Alive from 2009, Starburst from 2012 and Excalibur form 2011. All of the classic NetEnt casino games offer features such as free spins and substitutions and various combinations of reels and lines. Throw in video effects, a custom soundtrack and unique ways of winning and each game have a unique claim to be an all-time NetEnt casino classic.

Action and Adventure

The NetEnt casino games classified as action and adventure games mark the point at which the worlds of hard-core gaming and online casinos meet. Although still slot machines, these titles make use of advanced graphics and immersive sound effects to create a truly gripping playing experience, whether you’re putting money on the line or playing for free. Titles offered by NetEnt casinos in the action and adventure category include Gonzo’s Quest, Jumanji and Archangels Salvation.

Name and Fame

As if to emphasise the degree to which gaming and online casinos now overlap with the world of entertainment, NetEnt casinos offer Name and Fame slots based on famous individuals, rock groups or film and comic book franchises. Each of the games is deeply embedded in the visuals and sounds of the chosen theme. The Jimi Hendrix slot, for example, features a soundtrack of original music by the guitar genius himself, as well as suitably psychedelic visuals. Other slots in the Name and Fame category include Guns ‘N Roses, Planet of the Apes and Dracula.

Table Games

The table games offered by NetEnt casinos include all the names you’d expect to see, such as roulette, baccarat, blackjack and Texas hold ‘em. Each one is presented with extremely smooth graphics, simple to understand playing style and a lack of the kind of gimmicks that developers sometimes feel they have to add. If a classy and stylish take on a casino classic is what you’re after, then NetEnt casino games fit the bill perfectly.

The Software Choices Made by NetEnt Casinos

NetEnt casinos doesn’t have a direct relationship with the players themselves, supplying only to casinos. That doesn’t mean that they don’t take their responsibilities seriously, however. The Random Number Generators (RNG) used to produce game results, which are genuinely random in nature, are tested and certified by independent bodies known as Accredited Test facilities (ATF). The ATFs used by NetEnt include the following:

Security is always important when you play online casino games

The software that NetEnt uses to run the games it provides is known as the NetEnt CasinoModule. This provides the casinos using NetEnt games with a full back office package as well as the games themselves. From the casino point of view, this means that they can offer players a tailored gaming experience while retaining full control of their site. From the players’ point of view, a NetEnt casino simply offers a great range of games that run smoothly every time.

One more software choice made by NetEnt casinos, which affects the player experience, is the fact that the games are powered by Flash casino software. In simple terms, this means that you don’t have to download anything onto your device to enjoy NetEnt games and can simply play them through your own web browser.

The Live Casino option offered by NetEnt casinos is powered by Chroma Key technology, which, when combined with top rate live streaming, creates a genuinely immersive atmosphere and one in which it is easy to interact with the live professional dealers.

Player Safety at NetEnt Casinos

Despite not actually operating casinos, NetEnt goes to great lengths to put measures in place that will promote responsible gambling and prevent players betting more money than they can afford. These include the following:

Play Limits – NetEnt makes it possible for casinos to set gameplay limits across all NetEnt and non-NetEnt games. These limits could be based on the overall amount a player wants to lose, the number of bets they can make in a day, week or month, the length of a single session and a bet or maximum bet limit for a specific game.

Reality Check – This feature enables players to receive reminders during gameplay informing them of how long they have been playing and how much money they have won or lost. During the time when the reminder is displayed, play is suspended and will not resume again until the player acknowledges that they have seen the reminder.

Game Speed – NetEnt casino games can be configured so that a set amount of time—generally 3 seconds—has to pass between two rounds of the same game.

Visible Clock - NetEnt casino games include support for a time display, which enables players to more easily keep track of the length of time they have been playing.

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The Markets in Which NetEnt Operates

Many businesses like to call themselves global, but in the case of NetEnt casinos, the claim is genuine. The simple fact that the games provided support in no fewer than 24 languages should be a big enough clue, as should the fact that, from their beginnings in Sweden, the company now has offices in places as far afield as Malta, Ukraine, Gibraltar, USA and Poland. Key markets for NetEnt include Great Britain, which is the largest gaming market in Europe. The company also has licences that allow its games to operate in regulated countries such as Italy, Spain, Belgium, Bulgaria and Portugal to name just a few European countries. To date, the focus of the company has been in mainland Europe, but the situation in the US, where online gaming is only available in a handful of states, is being monitored to put NetEnt in a prime position to expand if conditions change. Several provinces in Canada are open to online casinos, and NetEnt has responded to this by obtaining a licence in British Columbia.

By 2017, NetEnt boasted a global market share of 17% and a European market share of 28%.

Casinos That Use NetEnt

The reputation for smooth gaming, innovative products and constant improvement enjoyed by NetEnt is such that it would probably be easier to come up with a list of casinos that don’t use their products. In all, they work with more than 200 of the world’s leading online casino operators, and it’s pretty rare to log online to a casino and not find any NetEnt games present. Perhaps the simplest way of approaching this is to list a few of the bigger names that feature NetEnt casino games, together with the bonuses they offer when you first join them.

Royal Panda Casino – Welcome bonus of 100% of your original deposit up to a maximum of £100. The bonus has a wagering requirement of 35x over a period of 90 days.

888 Casino – There are two welcome bonuses on offer at this casino. The first ‘standard’ welcome bonus is an offer to double the amount of your first deposit up to £100. The second, known as the Premium Welcome Package could end up being worth as much as £1500 in the first week after you join the casino. It works by matching the first deposit 100% up to £100, then, if you make your second, third, fourth and fifth deposits within seven days, each will receive a 30% bonus up to a maximum of £350 per bonus. The wagering requirement for both bonuses is 30x within 90 days.

Vegas Paradise Casino – A welcome bonus of 100% of your initial deposit, up to £200. The bonus has to be wagered 50x within 30 days before any winnings can be withdrawn.

Bet at Home Casino – The Bet at Home welcome bonus varies depending upon the amount you deposit. A deposit of between £1 and £150 will receive a matching bonus worth 100%, while deposits of more than £375 will receive a bonus worth 50% of the deposit, up to a maximum of £750. The wagering requirement attached to the welcome bonus is 60x over 28 days.

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